We are delighted to announce the addition of 20+ new titles on Bohemia Euphoria from our good friends at the British Urban Film Festival. The latest titles highlight black British filmmakers and actors in a variety of shorts, documentaries and features.

Established in 2005, the British Urban Film Festival (commonly known as BUFF) was initially formed to showcase urban independent film in the absence of state-sponsored activity in the UK. BUFF has been a pioneering platform for all facets of diversity since its inception 17 years ago. BUFF embraces diverse storytelling; their awards show brings together directors and filmmakers from across the UK, with a particular spotlight on black filmmakers.

Here’s a taster of some of the latest additions:

Black Enuf (dir. Carrie Hawkes) examines the expanding black identity through a personal journey. The film interweaves stories from Hawkes’ great-grandmother’s autobiography, interviews with her family and friends, and her hand-drawn memories.

BodyMore (dir. Darren Mallett) When tenacious and free-spirited Carrie Cook returns home to Baltimore to protest police brutality, a wild party leads to an intimate betrayal that complicates her quest for justice.

Loki’s Game (dir. Supple Nam, Johan Nayar) Set in an urban environment, Loki, the God of Mischief, descends to play his games. He manifests himself in a human form during a fight between two men, and starts to change the dynamic of the fight from something aggressive to something more surreal. The film explores physical movement through a unique lens with an equally distinctive soundtrack.

Discover BUFF films for as little as 99p on Bohemia Euphoria. Whether you’re in the mood for crime, romance, documentaries or binge-worthy dramas, BUFF have got you covered. Find out more today here.