Happy LGBTQ+ History Month! This years theme is #BehindTheLens, a celebration of LGBTQIA+ people’s contribution to cinema and film from behind the lens. We want to highlight films on Bohemia Euphoria which share the stories past and present of and by LGBTQIA+ people. Discover documentaries, dramas, archive footage and exclusive Q&A’s and become part of the conversation across these monumental moments in LGBT+ History. Here’s our recommendations:

Rebel Dykes
With a heady mash-up of animation, archive footage and interviews, REBEL DYKES tell the riotous and remarkable story of a group of young lesbians who pushed the boundaries of society in 1980s post-punk London with special additional content from filmmakers Sian A Williams, Harri Shanahan, producer Siobhan Fahey moderated by Melanie Iredale (Bird’s Eye View). Find out more.

I Am Samuel
I Am Samuel the compelling and moving portrayal of two men in love who face the conflict of being LGBTQ+ in Kenya, a country where identifying as LGBTQ+ is still criminalised by law. Despite threats of violence and rejection, Samuel and Alex move between their co-existing worlds, hoping to win acceptance in both. Samuel and Alex’s story is a testament to love conquering in situations of extreme hardship. You can find special bonus content alongside director Pete Murimi, producer Toni Kamau with special guest host Emmanuelle Andrews here.

An authentic and sensitive look at the daily realities of sex work in a Berlin brothel. The film looks at the unexpected love story between two sex workers in an environment where a woman’s body is a commodity. Directed by Henrika Kull starring Katharina Behrens, Eva Collé, Nele Kayenberg. Discover today.

The Sound of Scars
The Sound of Scars depicts the turbulent yet powerfully emotive story of 90s hardcore band Life of Agony. The film addresses the rawness of dealing with mental health, prolonged abuse and the complex process of healing. The Sound of Scars shares lead singer Mina Caputo’s transgender journey (the very first openly transgender singer) along with the effects of alcohol and violence in this sensitive and captivating film. Find out more.

With so many films to discover, you can find even more in our LGBTQIA+ History Month playlist. Use the code “LGBTQ20” for 20% off valid until the end of February.