The Bohemia Euphoria family makes it our mission every day of the week to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, we are especially delighted to double down in the month of June presenting our #PrideAndPremieres screenings.

2021 has seen the theatrical release of over 30 LGBTQ+ films globally so far, not including the impressively diverse selection of films at this year’s BFI Flare Festival, which includes the Bohemia titles I Am Samuel, The Greenhouse and Rebel Dykes (coming to cinemas and Bohemia Euphoria in September). To celebrate Pride Month, Euphoria will be hosting a special edition livestream for I Am Samuel on Sunday 13th June, and another for The Greenhouse on Tuesday 15th June.

You can find tickets for Sunday’s closing celebration of the UK premiere of I Am Samuel on sale here. We will be joined by lead subject Samuel Asilikwa, director Peter Murimi and special guest host Nthengwa Imale.

Tickets are also available now for the exclusive live Q&A of The Greenhouse, which will include guests; director Thomas Wilson-White, producer Lizzie Cater and special guest host Annie Wade Smith. Don’t miss it.

If you haven’t already, take the time to explore what we have to offer on Bohemia Euphoria, whether it’s our selection of titles or our community feed.

LGBTQ+ titles to come this month

I Am Samuel

Samuel grew up in the Kenyan countryside, where tradition is valued above all else. He is close to his mother but his father, a local pastor, doesn’t understand why he isn’t married yet. After moving to Kenya’s capital in search of work and a new life, Samuel falls in love with Alex and finds community and belonging. Their love thrives despite the fact that Kenyan laws criminalise anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+. Despite threats of violence and rejection, Samuel and Alex move between their co-existing worlds, hoping to win acceptance in both.

“I Am Samuel is a film that depicts the individual acts of bravery that can result in incredibly important change… it is a film of conflicting identities, hope, determination and first and foremost: love. ” – Lucy Lillystone – The Indiependent

The Greenhouse

It’s been years since the death of one of her mothers, but Beth still languishes at her family home with her surviving mother Ruth. Her three siblings on the other hand have moved on and moved away. On the eve of Ruth’s sixtieth birthday and after a vivid dream, a vision entices Beth out onto the property, where she discovers a greenhouse that sends her into the past; where her mother Lillian is alive and a younger Beth is trying to deal with her own burgeoning sexuality. As her siblings and a past love return home, tempers flare and Beth’s retreats to the greenhouse are discovered. But as the fractured family begins searching for what they’ve lost, an unexpected decision will change not just their past, but also their future.

“There’s a touch of ‘Australian gothic’ about the setting of The Greenhouse—a country property surrounded by trees with a mysterious mist— that’s tonally reminiscent of Peter Weir 1975’s classic, Picnic at Hanging Rock… Queerness is baked into the film in such a completely effortless way with this diverse family unit, from lesbian mothers, to a gay son and more. Its queerness is part of the undercurrent that carries the story along.” – The Queer Review

We’ve got much more exciting content lined up for this month, such as A Space In Time, celebrating its UK premiere with an exclusive live screening and Q&A with the likes of director Nick Taussig, Dr. Jon Rey-Hastie – CEO of Pathfinders Neuromuscular Alliance, PhD in Government, living with Duchenne and special guest host Kyla Harris. Tickets now available for Thursday 1st July.

Rewatch your favourite films, interact with Bohemia Euphoria folk and read our blog posts in case you missed anything. Happy exploring!