Women In Church Leadership

2021 / 83 mins

Directed by: Jason Young


Language / Country : English / United Kingdom

The under-representation of women in church leadership as a result of a succession of male leadership is explored in this documentary.

The silencing of women leaders in church history has enabled church leadership to be recast as exclusively male. Women who could only go as far as missionaries in the church had to stand back and watch their husbands or their male counterparts surpass them in positions of power. But despite that glass ceiling some women have recently broken through this barrier. This documentary presents the stories of some women who have ascended the ecclesiastical ladder into positions of church leadership.

The documentary features Caribbean pastors such as Elder Meva Barnett-Burrowes, Rev. Lola Brown and Elder Claudette Young and brings a distinctly female voice to the church leadership debate at a time when women’s voices are no longer obscured. These women come together to tell their stories of the challenges that they faced on the journey towards church leadership.