Tribes On The Edge

2019 / 78 mins

This Premiere was shown from November 10 to November 10 2021

Directed by: Celine Cousteau


Language / Country : English & Portuguese / United States & Brazil

We’ve partnered with Forests without Frontiers to support their reforesting initiative with an exclusive screening of Tribes On The Edge followed by a Q&A with director Celine Cousteau and Forests Without Frontiers founder, Nicoleta Carpineanu which is played directly after the film. £2 of each ticket sold will go directly to planting a tree.

Building on a family legacy of exploration and environmental filmmaking, CELINE COUSTEAU journeys to the Brazilian Amazon at the request of tribal leaders in order to bear witness to the indigenous communities’ fight for survival. She shares their rarely seen stories of cultural pride and traditional way of life set against the legacy of colonialism, and documents the ever-present threats to their land and health crises triggered by contact with outsiders.

What we love about this film

With tears of passion and love in their eyes, the indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Amazon share their fear of losing the fight against their own extinction. These loyal guardians of our global oxygen and freshwater ecosystems are under immense threat from the consequences generated by our so-called progressive industrial world. Deforestation, lack of social care and the distribution of medicine to the region means the indigenous people are in danger and thus; so are we. Tribes on the Edge is a wonderful account of the communities who over centuries and generations have made it their life’s duty to keep the lungs of planet Earth alive and well.