The Sound of Scars

2022 / 90 mins

This Premiere was shown from July 11 to July 11 2022

Directed by: Leigh Brooks


Language / Country : English / United Kingdom

THE SOUND OF SCARS is the story of three lifelong friends who overcame domestic violence, substance abuse and depression to form Life of Agony, one of the most influential bands in its genre, led by metal’s first openly transgender singer.

Content warnings : Mental health, transphobia, themes of abuse

What we love about this film

The Sound of Scars depicts the turbulent yet powerfully emotive story of 90s hardcore band Life of Agony. The film addresses the rawness of dealing with mental health, prolonged abuse and the complex process of healing. The Sound of Scars shares lead singer Mina Caputo’s transgender journey (the very first openly transgender singer) along with the effects of alcohol and violence in this sensitive and captivating film.

In the press

"The Sound Of Scars is one of those documentaries which starts with something very specific and finds the whole world within it"

Eye For Film

"A human story of overcoming adversity, reaching out, finding hope, and discovering who you truly are"

Film Threat