The Silent Generation

2020 / 61 mins / Subtitles available

Directed by: Ferran Navarro-Beltran


Language / Country : Spanish / Spain

This documentary wants to pay a small tribute to Barcelona’s LGBTI older people, both the pioneers of the movement and those who are anonymous, narrating in first person the events that have marked their lives, such as religious education, Franco’s repression , democracy, the first LGTBI associations, AIDS or gay marriage.

What we love about this film

Ferran Navarro-Beltran’s documentary recounts the important stories of elder LGBTQIA folk in Spain who lived through the law of “vagrants and crooks” which came to light in 1954 and meant in writing that homosexuals would be persecuted. The film presents to us the reality of the terrific history queer people in Spain have experienced and demonstrates how important it is to fight for a better society despite adversity.