The Rebel Dykes Art & Archive Show: Live Performance Art Event

2021 / 90 mins

This Premiere was shown from August 5 to August 5 2021

Directed by:


Language / Country : English / United Kingdom

THE REBEL DYKES ART & ARCHIVE SHOW was a high profile exhibition held at SpaceStation SixtyFive in London between June and September 24th 2021. This exhibition was an intergenerational, and intersectional exchange between artists who are working to redefine the constructs of art and identity, specifically in relation to the queer heritage and archive.

THE REBEL DYKES ART & ARCHIVE SHOW: LIVE PERFORMANCE ART EVENT was been curated by Karen Fisch to bring together dyke performers from across the generations.

Performance Art Event Curated by Karen Fisch
Organised by Siobhan Fahey from Rebel Dykes History Project

What we love about this film

The Rebel Dykes have taken the world by storm this year. Whilst we wait, with bated breath, for the release of the REBEL DYKES movie, here is a Live Art Performance event linked to the major Rebel Dykes exhibition being held in London this year. This streaming event is part of a number of events Bohemia are sharing as part of the lead up to REBEL DYKES film launch.