The Last Image

2021 / 71 mins / Subtitles available

Directed by: Benedito Ferreira


Language / Country : Portuguese / Brazil & France

Benedito Senna is blind. He moved from the Brazilian city of Belém to France, where he fell in love with and married Jean Luc, who is somewhat his eyes and a devoted reader of his poems. In Paris, he meets another Benedito, film director and also Brazilian and gay. A friendship starts, they exchange videos and voicemails. The shared name and the passion for images bring them back together, years later, to make a movie. As they set out to shoot, though, they realize things were no longer the same and differences arise.

What we love about this film

The protagonist of The Last Image; Benedito Senna uses the concept of optography; the process of retrieving an image from the retina of the eye, to document his life after losing his sight. With the support of his loving husband, Jean Luc and close friend, Benedito Ferreira: you are able to experience the various emotions and thoughts that shape Senna's day to day life. He's dreams appear to have replaced his physical visibility, that he seems to be aware of and makes him decide to communicate this through poetry and imagery.