The Greenhouse Film & Q&A

2021 / 129 mins / Subtitles available

Q&A Included This Premiere was shown from May 6 to May 6 2021

Directed by: Thomas Wilson-White

Drama, Romantic

Language / Country : English / Australia

It’s been years since the death of one of her mothers, but Beth still languishes at her family home with her surviving mother Ruth. Her three siblings on the other hand have moved on and moved away. On the eve of Ruth’s sixtieth birthday and after a vivid dream, a vision entices Beth out onto the property, where she discovers a greenhouse that sends her into the past; where her mother Lillian is alive and a younger Beth is trying to deal with her own burgeoning sexuality. As her siblings and a past love return home, tempers flare and Beth’s retreats to the greenhouse are discovered. But as the fractured family begins searching for what they’ve lost, an unexpected decision will change not just their past, but also their future.

Q&A Included

This film includes the live Q&A with writer/director Thomas Wilson-White, producer Lizzie Cater and special guest host Annie Wade Smith as they delve deeper into the compelling story of THE GREENHOUSE. #PRIDEANDPREMIERES

What we love about this film

The Greenhouse is a touching story about the complexities of grief through discovering one owns queerness while within an LGBTQ+ family. We think is a must see!

Awards and festivals

In the press

"“There’s a touch of ‘Australian gothic’ about the setting of The Greenhouse—a country property surrounded by trees with a mysterious mist— that’s tonally reminiscent of Peter Weir 1975’s classic, Picnic at Hanging Rock… Queerness is baked into the film in such a completely effortless way with this diverse family unit, from lesbian mothers, to a gay son and more. Its queerness is part of the undercurrent that carries the story along.”"

The Queer Review

"“A beautifully raw depiction of love and family, and the extremes we’ll go to for both, this Australian magic-realist film normalises the concept of having two mums.”"

The Evening Standard

"“Time travel has been used for many things throughout movie history, from protecting future leaders to reversing mass genocide. Rarely, however, have we seen it used as a vehicle for exploring death and loss in as profound a manner as this. That’s what The Greenhouse offers, treating its fantastical central element with a tenderness and subtly that offers a refreshing spin on one of science fiction’s most famous inventions.”"