The Garden Left Behind Film & Q&A

2021 / Subtitles available

Q&A Included

Directed by: Flavio Alves


Language / Country : English and Spanish

The Garden Left Behind traces the relationship between Tina, a young trans woman, and Eliana, her grandmother, as they navigate Tina’s transition and struggle to build a life for themselves as undocumented immigrants in New York City.

Content warnings : Trans Violence

Q&A Included

This film contains the exclusive live premiere including cast members Tamera Williams and Kristen Parker Lovell with special guest host Danielle St James. Proudly in partnership with LGBT+ organisations; Not A Phase and Intermedia UK.

What we love about this film

With an intimate filmmaking style and naturalistic performances by a bevy of talented performers, The Garden Left Behind provides sensitive portrayals of motherhood, sisterhood, trans rights activism, and trauma.

What’s the buzz?

3 months ago

The Garden Left Behind Film & Q&A | Darren Mew

This was such a lovely chat. Was so nice hearing Dani and the cast just chat.

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3 months ago

The Garden Left Behind Film & Q&A | Miranda Fleming

Heartbreaking beautiful film, not surprised it won the SXSW Audience Award

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