Tainted Canvas

2020 / 95 mins / Subtitles available

Directed by: Segilola Ogidan


Language / Country : English / Yoruba

Tainted Canvas follows the story of Rayo, a Nigerian artist living in London trying to make a success of millennial immigrant life. When she gets a call from her aunt in Nigeria that her Mom is in hospital, Rio is torn between meeting her gallery deadlines and going back home to face the traumas she ran away from in the first place. Tainted Canvas tells the story of childhood trauma and abuse and how that manifests in a child’s life further down the line but also shows the power of confronting that abuse for better or worse.

Content warnings : Rape and Sexual Assault, Mental Health Trauma, Death

What we love about this film

Tainted Canvas is a personal account which brings together Nigerian family dynamics and what it's like being estranged from them. The positioning of an artist struggling to deal with her past and how that is affecting her present through her artwork is deeply touching and an inspiring tale of endurance.