T11 Incomplete

2021 / Subtitles available

Directed by: Suzanne Guacci

Drama, Romantic

A visiting home health aide and recovering alcoholic, strives to rebuild her broken life, only to have it fall apart once again when she falls in love with her young, paraplegic patient then betrays her trust.

What we love about this film

T11 Incomplete is a subtle film on paraplegia, lesbian romance, and the strains that alcoholism - past or present - can create on interpersonal relationships. Suzanne Guacci, the film's director, is herself disabled and LGBTQIA+, and that shines through in the authenticity of the film!

Awards and festivals

In the press

"This film is a slow cooker about flawed individuals [...] it hones in on the humanity of people trying to navigate through tough circumstances in such a believable way."

Glenn Gaylord

The Queer Review

"Stories such as this one can make a profound impact on opening up an audience’s perspective; to tap into empathy and compassion for others. Positive representation for all walks of life, from the able-bodied to the disabled, to the LGBTQ+ community, is so very important and I thank the creators and cast of this film for doing a stellar job of it. This film is like a balm for the soul."

Ping Yuen

Les Flicks

"The positioning of Laura as a character whose ability to provide support is ultimately more important than her need for it makes a pleasing change and enables Guacci to deliver a story that is driven by character rather than by circumstance."

Jennie Kermode

Eye For Film

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1 year ago

T11 Incomplete | Annie Mullineux

T11 Incomplete is a touching, quiet drama that lets the moments that make up relationships – whether they be between carer and patient, between lovers, or between mother and son – take the spotlight.

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