Signature Move

2021 / Subtitles available

Q&A Included This Premiere was shown from May 28 to May 28 2021

Directed by: Jennifer Reeder

Drama, Comedy, Romantic

A closeted Pakistani Muslim lesbian in Chicago, working as a lawyer and caring for her well-meaning, widowed mother, falls for a free-spirited (and out) Mexican-American woman in this comedic, heartfelt look at queerness, acceptance… and wrestling.

Q&A Included

This film contains the live Q&A with director Jennifer Reeder and co-writer/leading actor Fawzia Mirza including introduction from special guest host Shimmy Ahmed. The live Q&A explores further into the making and inspirations of the film; touching on points like how does a group of radical feminists make a broad comedy? What is it like being a Pakistani queer Muslim filmmaker? And so much more...

What we love about this film

"Signature Move is a sweet, sexy look at exploring your sexuality and identity through the ways that make your heart soar - for Zaynab, that's Lucha Libre wrestling. Co-Writer/Star Fawzia Mirza plays the nuances of a young woman struggling to come out to her mother, well - and the sensitive depictions of single motherhood and the intergenerational matriarchal bond are really wonderful."

Awards and festivals

In the press

"With its likable characters, local color and cross-cultural sparks, “Signature Move” has unsentimental sweetness and pluck."

Sheri Linden

LA Times

"Signature Move is an exceptionally cute film which refuses to simplify the conflict that can arise between sexual and ethnic identities. Instead, it compassionately explores the crises felt by queer people whose love of family nevertheless constricts their lives. It’s also damn funny."

Curve Magazine

"The most affecting part of director Jennifer Reeder’s feature deals with Zaynab’s contentious relationship with her mother. Both Mirza and Azmi give excellent performances."

Stephen Farber

The Hollywood Reporter