Second Spring

2021 / 82 mins

This Premiere is showing from September 28 to November 22, 2021

Directed by: Andy Kelleher


Language / Country : English / United Kingdom

Kathy Deane is an archaeologist, who lives with Tim, a successful architect. Life is good until she is diagnosed with Fronto-Temporal Degeneration. Rather than face up to her illness, Kathy leaves the safety of her marriage for Nick, a man she barely knows. A charming drifter, Nick takes Kathy to his childhood home, the Peninsula, where she instantly falls in love with this eerie, atmospheric merging of land, sky and water that seems cut off from the rest of the world. Kathy is very keen to settle down here, much to Nick’s unease; he has no desire to settle anywhere.

This is a screening of Second Spring followed by an in-conversation between Andy Kelleher, Martin Herron, Cathy Naden, Jeremy Killick, Dr Jonathan Rohre and special guest host Ralph Bogard. Your ticket is valid for the evening of date purchase for.

This film & event is viewable in the UK only.

Livestream Information

Second Spring Live Q&A

Andy Kelleher’s first film that he directed was a silent black and white that went on to screen at a number of film festivals and was sold to television. After that, other short drama films were all well received.
He has directed various short and long form arts documentaries that were broadcast on BBC and Sky. In 2011 Andy started working with some actor friends and they would create devised short sequences that were their own self contained films. These were the seed of what would become his first feature film as director, “Second Spring”, released to very favorable reviews in 2021. He is currently developing new projects. He draws inspiration from european cinema and this can be seen in the style and tone of the films he directs.

Martin Herron is a highly experienced screenwriter with numerous commissions from established production companies in the UK and Europe. He has three feature-film screenwriting credits: SECOND SPRING, in 2021; and IRINA PALM, in 2008; and SCHOOL FOR SEDUCTION, in 2004.
Irina Palm sold to 45 territories. It also won the David Di Donatello for Best European Film, and the Italian Golden Globe for Best European film. School For Seduction sold to over 20 territories, and was nominated for the Emden Film Award. Second Spring is currently on release.

Cathy Naden is an actor and writer. In 1984 she co-founded Sheffield-based theatre ensemble Forced Entertainment. She has performed with the critically acclaimed company across the UK, Europe, the US, South America, Australia Japan and South Korea. Forced Entertainment won the International Ibsen Award in 2016. Cathy also teaches and directs working with youth theatres and with emerging and established practitioners in the UK and abroad. Cathy has an MA in creative writing and writes short stories and full-length fiction. She has performed with Belgian Theatre Company TG STAN, UK theatre-maker Tim Crouch and New York playwright Richard Maxwell. Second Spring is her feature film debut.

Dr Rohrer’s research has focused on the neuroimaging and neuropsychology of frontotemporal dementia (FTD), particularly in relation to their underlying genetic causes. Research in the field of FTD has led to the publication of over 100 Pubmed-referenced papers and he has spoken at a number of international conferences about the work. Since 2011 he has co-ordinated the Genetic FTD Initiative, GENFI, a multicentre cohort study of presymptomatic genetic FTD, and has been the clinical lead for the International FTD GWAS Consortium. He has also set up FTD UK , an annual scientific meeting of UK researchers who work in the FTD field (running since 2011), and runs a website dedicated to providing research updates to the general public about FTD: FTD talk.

The National Brain Appeal raises funds to advance treatment and research at The National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery and the Institute of Neurology. Since the charity was set up, and with the help of our incredible supporters, we have funded over £45million of ground-breaking projects. One of these initiatives is to provide £350,000 a year of funding to Rare Dementia Support.


Rare Dementia Support (RDS) offers specialist social, emotional and practical support services for people affected by one of the seven forms of early-onset dementia. The National Brain Appeal supports RDS’ vision for all individuals with, at risk of, or supporting someone with one of these forms of dementia to have access to information, tailored support and guidance, and contact with others affected by similar conditions.

Find out more at nationalbrainappeal.org/RDS

Ralph is an artist that has worked in theatre, film, television and live performance all around the world.

Aside from performing, he is also the resident host for The U.K.’s favourite independent cinema ‘The Prince Charles Cinema’ (in London’s Leicester Sq), ‘Camp John Waters’ (in the USA) and recently was the creative consultant for the ‘BFI’ for their Musicals season. Hosting for these incredible places sees him interview directors, writers and film stars regularly.


He also curates fun filled interactive film events such as ‘Mean Girls – Bitch Along’, shadow performance of ‘La La Land’ and created the hugely successful (and Hugh Jackman approved) ‘Greatest Showman’ sing along screenings which has toured all access the U.K. and internationally.

Ralph has worked with Secret Cinema, Tate Modern, Bearded Kitten, No1 Embankment, The Hospital Club, Overtures (at the Hippodrome), Singeasy, The Society Club, The National Trust, National Archive, BFI and UNICEF amongst many others.

Jerry Killick specialises in devised theatre and has more recently started appearing in films.
He worked with Stephen Frears playing Paddy Spooner in the hit TV series Quiz (2020) and
this summer he was in Budapest playing the villain in the TV adaptation of Robert Harris’s
The Fear Index, to be screened on Sky Atlantic this Christmas. He played Beethoven in Hugo
Glendinning’s debut feature Second Self – Beethoven Resurrection and he also worked a lot
with the Belgian choreographer and film maker Wim Vandekeybus as lead actor in his films
Monkey Sandwich (2010) and Galloping Mind (2014). On stage he has been performing
regularly with Forced Entertainment since 1999.

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Film Start

8:27 pm

Live Q&A

9:30 pm


What we love about this film

Second Spring gives an unflinching look at the confusing nature of living with a brain disease. The film is melancholic and slow in pace somewhat symbolising the progressiveness of the disease meanwhile gripping you with the suspense and pleasing you with scenes adorned in the beautiful countryside.

In the press

"Second Spring is a film about endurance and acceptance, tackling its subject matter with quiet poise where a lesser film might have fallen to mawkish sentiment"


"Its central performances, especially from from Naden, and intriguing landscape photography lend it a melancholic atmospheric charm"

Sight & Sound

"A brave film asking philosophical questions about a frightening illness"

New Scientist

What’s the buzz?

3 weeks ago

Second Spring | Verity Foster

I really liked this film, the acting was really good, Especially Kathy’s character in denial and having no insight, it’s very thought provoking and has been sensitively done, it’s very authentic of someone’s own unique experience of FTD.

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