Second Spring

2021 / 82 mins

Q&A Included This Premiere was shown from September 28 to November 21 2021

Directed by: Andy Kelleher


Language / Country : English / United Kingdom

Kathy Deane is an archaeologist, who lives with Tim, a successful architect. Life is good until she is diagnosed with Fronto-Temporal Degeneration. Rather than face up to her illness, Kathy leaves the safety of her marriage for Nick, a man she barely knows. A charming drifter, Nick takes Kathy to his childhood home, the Peninsula, where she instantly falls in love with this eerie, atmospheric merging of land, sky and water that seems cut off from the rest of the world. Kathy is very keen to settle down here, much to Nick’s unease; he has no desire to settle anywhere.

This film & event is viewable in the UK only.

Q&A Included

This is a screening of Second Spring followed by an in-conversation between Andy Kelleher, Martin Herron, Cathy Naden, Jeremy Killick, Dr Jonathan Rohre and special guest host Ralph Bogard.

What we love about this film

Second Spring gives an unflinching look at the confusing nature of living with a brain disease. The film is melancholic and slow in pace somewhat symbolising the progressiveness of the disease meanwhile gripping you with the suspense and pleasing you with scenes adorned in the beautiful countryside.

In the press

"Second Spring is a film about endurance and acceptance, tackling its subject matter with quiet poise where a lesser film might have fallen to mawkish sentiment"


"Its central performances, especially from from Naden, and intriguing landscape photography lend it a melancholic atmospheric charm"

Sight & Sound

"A brave film asking philosophical questions about a frightening illness"

New Scientist

What’s the buzz?

1 year ago

Second Spring | Verity Foster

I really liked this film, the acting was really good, Especially Kathy’s character in denial and having no insight, it’s very thought provoking and has been sensitively done, it’s very authentic of someone’s own unique experience of FTD.

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