Rebel Dread

2022 / Subtitles available

Bonus Content This Premiere was shown from March 4 to March 27 2022

Directed by: William E. Badgley


Language / Country : English / United Kingdom

REBEL DREAD is the story of Don Letts, a first-generation British-born Black filmmaker, DJ, musician, and cultural commentator. The film frames Don’s story with the 1968 Enoch Powell ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech and the 2018 ‘hostile environment’ immigration policy.

The film covers Don’s relationship with the nascent punk scene of the 1970s and 80s – how rastas and punks found a common bond, both outside of the mainstream, and how Don introduced reggae to the punks. Don was part of the inner circle of The Clash and Johnny Rotten. He later formed Big Audio Dynamite with Mick Jones, and made music that incorporated dance, reggae, rap, film samples and rock n roll.

After directing iconic music videos including London Calling, Chain Gang and Pass the Dutchie, Don became an award-winning feature director, with films such as Dancehall Queen and One Love, starring Idris Elba. He is now a leading cultural commentator and well-known voice on BBC Radio 6.

This film is available only in the UK.

Bonus Content

This screening of Rebel Dread is followed by an exclusive Q&A with Don Letts and presenter, Miquita Oliver talking through the influence of music and fashion on Don's life, the problem with labels, how the old ain't what they used to be and so much more.

What we love about this film

Rebel Dread embodies everything we love here at Bohemia: counterculture, punk, rebellion. This is an enthralling and comprehensive look at the life of trailblazing Don Letts, and all the people, music and trends that have inspired him along the way. With a star-studded list of interviewees, punk and reggae-inspired soundtrack and exclusive archive footage, this is not one to be missed. Don’s punk rock spirit encourages us all to let out our inner rebel!

What’s the buzz?

5 months ago

Rebel Dread | Dean Lacey

The film was absolutely brilliant to watch and take a trip down memory lane👌 The Q&A’s at the end with Don Letts made it a great night and even better. Another Legend who needs to be remembered always. Love Peace and Unity #weareone

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6 months ago

Rebel Dread | Chris Benfield

An amazing insight into the life of a living legend. Totally absorbed from start to finish *****

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