Dear Tenant: Queer East

2021 / 112 mins / Subtitles available

Q&A Included This Premiere was shown from September 28 to October 11 2021

Directed by: Yu-Chieh Cheng


Language / Country : Mandarin, Taiwanese / Taiwan

Mr. Lin is a tenant in the rooftop apartment owned by the elderly Mrs. Chou, who is suffering from late-stage diabetes. Lin helps tend to her daily needs and looks after her nine-year old grandson, the orphaned Yo-Yu. But when Yo-Yu’s uncle returns to Taiwan, he discovers that the ownership of the apartment has been transferred to the young boy, whom Lin has legally adopted. The stage is set for a conflict that uncovers a very different side to the seemingly perfect tenant. Dear Tenant is a heartfelt portrayal of unconditional love that explores whether, following the legalisation of same-sex marriage in 2019, Taiwanese society is ready to accept families who dare to break with conventional forms. This box office hit won three Golden Horse Awards, including for actor Mo Tzu-Yi, who gives a stunning performance.

Content warnings : Infrequent strong sex, suicide, drug misuse

Q&A Included

This film includes a pre-recorded introduction by the director Yu-Chieh Cheng as a part of the Queer East Film Festival. Credit to: Translation: Penney Chu Video Editing: Shanshan Chen

What we love about this film

A raw and powerful drama which depicts the complexities of inheritance within a family and the conflict that comes with it. While conveying the lack of acceptance and understanding for LGBTQ relationships. The film also spoils us with panoramic shots of the beautiful Taiwanese mountains including the incredibly stunning glimpses of Taiwan.

In the press

"Dear Tenant then, is a powerful statement on the evolution of family, and the need to adapt to the changing times, and how there’s still a long way to go before Taiwan truly encapsulates love, acceptance and understanding for all people, regardless of sexuality. "


"Dear Tenant” is eloquent, elegant and meaningful storytelling, and the final scene is marvelous. "

The Mercury News

"Dear Tenant” emerges as a great effort, a film that manages to work on a number of levels, through a multi-leveled narrative that is both entertaining and communicates a number of comments in the most excellent fashion."

Asian Movie Pulse