2021 / 85 mins / Subtitles available

Directed by: Madiano Marcheti


Language / Country : Portuguese / Brazil

Luziane, Cristiano, and Bianca have almost nothing in common, beside the fact that they all live in the same rural city surrounded by soy fields in western Brazil. While they don’t know one another, each of them is affected by Madalena’s disappearance. In different parts of the town, each in their own way, they react to her absence.

Your ticket is valid for the evening of purchase only. As this is a live premiere please arrive on time for the film or you may miss parts. The film starts at 7:30pm BST from 9th November 2021.

Content warnings : Trans violence, drug misuse

What we love about this film

With otherworldly and saturated pastel cinematography adorned with nature and wildlife, Madiano Marcheti's debut tells an eerie story of the discovery of trans woman body, Madalena. Though the film provides glimpses of clues as to what has happened, we never fully understand or know how and why which reiterates the ongoing tragedy happening today with Brazil having the highest rate of murders of trans people of any country in the world. This film may be triggering for some but we feel Marcheti’s story is one that must be shared.