2020 / Subtitles available

Directed by: Mathias Mangin

Comedy, Drama

Horácio tells the story of a dysfunctional family, in which social norms no longer exist, and where relationships are basically guided by impulse. The head of the family is Horatio, an 80-year-old cigarette smuggler on the run, hiding in a surreal, baroque apartment with his daughter, Petula, and Milton, his favourite thug. While he keeps his daughter locked up in her bedroom, Horatio flirts with his goon, for whom he has had repressed feelings for years. However, Milton’s love for a mysterious woman, and Petula’s attempts to free herself with the help of a former lover, clash with Horatio’s tyrannical whims.

What we love about this film

Horacio rivals 'Succession' for the crooked patriarch from hell! Explorations of gender, sexuality, materialism and crime abound in this fast-paced family drama.

In the press

"A charming attempt to disrupt the canon, its exploration of queerness by far the most well-constructed of its themes."

Rafaela Sales Ross

JumpCut Online

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6 months ago

Horácio | Lois

Horacio has those moments where you are not sure if you should be laughing or not. The film has a dark humour and some really dark, quite distressing moments but is overshadowed by Horacio’s camp and alluring character. Overall, I felt the film did a great job at taking you on a journey with everyones […]

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