Heavy Craving

2021 / Subtitles available

Directed by: Pei-Ju Hsieh

Drama, Comedy

Thirty years old and 105 kilograms of weight, lunch lady Ying-Juan was dealt a bad hand. She works at her mother’s childcare center and has a harder time fitting in than a T-Rex in a petting zoo. On her birthday, Ying-Juan’s mother signs her up for a weight loss program. To earn her mom’s approval, Ying-Juan reluctantly joins the class. But things change when Ying-Juan meets Wu, a deliveryman who bears a checkered past underneath his radiant smile. Encouraged by Wu, Ying-Juan becomes more determined to lose weight. Meanwhile, Ying-Juan discovers Xiao-Yu, a straight-A student at the childcare center, is a secret cross-dresser, and special bond begins to form between them. Just when things are getting on the right track, Ying-Juan’s passion for cooking and life seem to be fading away due to her over-aggressive diet. Bitterly, Ying-Juan finds herself standing on the brink of a meltdown, both physically and psychologically…

What we love about this film

Heavy Craving is definitely a tale for all those who've been wrongly targeted for their size or made smaller by strangers. In the film, Jiang Ying-Juan starts to question the meaning and definition of the 'better self' and finds comfort in the understanding of outsiders.

Awards and festivals

In the press

"Ultimately it’s Tsai’s film, and she’s more than up to the task in a funny, human and completely relatable performance. She effortlessly toggles between charming and self-assured and vulnerable and wounded, without ever letting Ying-juan become someone to be pitied."

Elizabeth Kerr

The Hollywood Reporter

"Writer-director Hsieh Pei-ju delicately balances a realistic world that borders on cheesiness and fantasy."

Jonathan Liu

From the Intercom

"The movie benefits the most by the acting, with Tsai Jia-yin giving a great performance as Ying-juan, highlighting a plethora of sentiments including disappointment, anger, and happiness in the most artful way,"

Panos Kotzathanasis

Asian Movie Pulse