Green Light

2019 / Subtitles available

Directed by: Ned Donohoe

Green Light explores the exceptional lengths two mavericks are willing to go to, to improve – and in some cases, save – the lives of those with nowhere else to turn. They risk their freedom by supplying black market medicinal cannabis to thousands suffering from chronic and terminal illnesses.

What we love about this film

"Green Light provides a daring, inquisitive look into the pursuit of the legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis use, and two men who seek to alleviate the pain of those who need it, until then. Due to the need for stealth and secrecy, the documentary gives a very close-up view of the benefits of medicinal cannabis."

In the press

"It's a documentary about the virtues of medicinal cannabis oil, following the day-to-day routines of two Australians who feel obliged to supply the drug illegally to anyone who demonstrates a genuine need for it. "

Sandra Hall

The Sydney Morning Herald

"Made with conviction and a clear agenda, the film highlights the urgency for such treatments to be made widely available."

Jim Schembri