Colors of Tobi

2021 / Subtitles available

This Premiere was shown from October 26 to November 22 2021

Directed by: Alexa Bakony


Language / Country : Hungary / Hungarian

Eva, a protective mother of a transgender teenager has mixed feelings as her child, Tobias struggles not only with their gender identity but also with who they are as a person. An emotional, years-long journey about releasing, accepting – and finding yourself.

What we love about this film

Colors of Tobi is a documentary filled with tenderness, love and understanding, as we follow Tobi Tuza and their family on the journey they take to finding and expressing their identity as a non-binary person in a small Hungarian town, where the ability to self-define your gender is now legally impeded. Alexa Bakony's documentary lens is thoroughly unobtrusive and allows us to witness both the nurturing relationship between Tobi and their family, and the need for trans children to be able to define their lives.