Boy In The Corner

2022 / 96 mins

This Premiere was shown from November 14 to November 14 2022

Directed by: Joshy Lee

Drama, Crime

Language / Country : English / United Kingdom

The backward system of society pushes another dream-filled boy to the curb, with his aspiration suppressed, he is at risk of falling into the attractive arms of gang life.

What we love about this film

Boy In The Corner highlights the gradual process of grooming in youths and the effect that gang life has on a young boy’s life. The crime drama is illustrated in black and white following 15-year-old Myles (Cyran Vergara) whose dreams and aspirations come to a halt when he meets Jaime (Shaun Pelayo). Myles finds himself in too deep into a situation he cannot easily escape. Boy In The Corner addresses social issues and knife crime in Joshy Lee’s gripping feature film.