What The **** Is Normal Anyway?! with Francesca Martinez

2021 / 88 mins / Subtitles available

Q&A Included

Directed by: Nick Taussig, Riccardo Servini

Language / Country : English / United Kingdom

A SPACE IN TIME is a candid, lyrical, intimate portrait of one family’s struggle to understand disability after their two young children are diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy and are forced to stay present amidst the challenges of building a new home.

Q&A Included

This virtual event includes Francesca Martinez and Jon Rey-Hastie discussing the acclaimed feature documentary A SPACE IN TIME. The film will be followed with a frank, funny and eye-opening conversation as they bust preconceptions and question the tragedy narrative around disability, while taking an honest look at the challenges of being different in a society obsessed with normality.

What we love about this film

An intimate and revealing documentary

We love this unique insight into a family with two sons who have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy that seek to live in the present as the walls around them are physically and metaphorically taken down and equally, reconstructed. The film gives a nuanced perspective of disability and what home truly means.

In the press

"This film will undoubtedly break your heart with its harsher scenes but will leave you with a sense of hope and the power of resilience and commitment."

Film Carnage

"Beautifully made and with heart-stopping moments, this is a lyrical window on the plight of the disabled. It is like a dose of medicine that most of us need, finally uplifting, and expanding our understanding of other peoples’ lives"

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"This poignant documentary around two young brothers with Duchenne muscular dystrophy celebrates the power of love and togetherness"

The Guardian

What’s the buzz?

1 year ago

What The **** Is Normal Anyway?! with Francesca Martinez | Kate Ingram

Such a beautiful, moving film with incredible people. I absolutely loved it. The Q&A is fantastic – Francesca and Dr Jon are an absolute inspiration. This is a must see.

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1 year ago

What The **** Is Normal Anyway?! with Francesca Martinez | Miranda Fleming

Francesca Martinez and Jon Rey-Hastie made my heart sing. Honest, intelligent and profound, this conversation opened my eyes to the perceptions of disability – it was a talk full of revealing intimate conversations between Francesca and Jon – about their experiences as disabled children and how they were raised by loving families. The unique talk, […]

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