Jennifer Reeder (SIGNATURE MOVE) Bundle

Jennifer Reeder


Jennifer Reeder was recently named by Bong Joon Ho as a filmmaker to watch in the 2020s. constructs personal fiction films about relationships, trauma and coping. Her award-winning narratives are innovative and borrow from a range of forms including after school specials, amateur music videos and magical realism. These films have shown consistently around the world, including the Sundance Film Festival, The Berlin Film Festival, The Tribeca Film Festival, The Rotterdam Film Festival, The London Film Festival, SXSW, The Venice Biennale and The Whitney Biennial.

These four films, including Signature Move, which I directed, represent a global perspective on aspects of feminism and empowerment. A commitment to social justice and human equality must be intersectional. These titles provide a critical look at how race, class, culture, religion, gender, age, body type and so on are all related and all part of a larger and long term conversation about the impact of representation in film. In these continuing trying times across this gorgeously diverse planet, it is important to remember that ART is healing.

In this Bundle includes Women’s Day, Signature Move with live Q&A, Heavy Craving, A Girl From Mogadishu (RRP £16.96)