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#WorldAIDSDay 2021

Today is #WorldAIDSDay: End inequalities. End AIDS.

We remember those who have lost their lives to AIDS and HIV related illnesses. We celebrate those who have continued to fight to end the social stigma over these past 40 years. Director Laurie Lynd tells the story of Gaetan Dugas in his documentary Killing Patient Zero – watch for free for today with a special filmmaker q&a: Enter code WAD21. #WorldAidsDay2021

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Blog now live

The Road To Rebel Dykes – Siobhan Fahey

In celebration of the release of Rebel Dykes, we spoke to Siobhan Fahey ahead of the premiere this Friday to find more about what she’s looking forward to the most, the making of the film and her advice to young Rebel Dykes!

Read the full article here.

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Coming this week

Rebel Dykes arrive on Bohemia Euphoria

The long anticipated Rebel Dykes is coming to Bohemia Euphoria this week! To celebrate, we’ve got a number of special events lined up. Including; the Rebel Dykes premiere with extra content from Harri Shanahan, Sian A Williams, Siobhan Fahey, Ellyott and Melanie Iredale shown from 26th November. As well as our exclusive event with special guest host award-winning stand-up comedian and writer Sarah Keyworth! To find out more info and to book your ticket click here!

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British Urban Film Festival is coming to Bohemia Euphoria

We’re so excited to announce that The British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) will be coming to Bohemia Euphoria soon as part of their festival this year! Keep an eye on our site to see when updates come out and a takeover page emerges!

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BIFA Shortlist Nomination

A big congratulations to Rebel Dykes!

We want to say a big congratulations to Rebel Dykes for being nominated for Raindance Discovery Award! The story of the Rebel Dykes is coming to cinemas and digital on the 26th November with special events happening across Bohemia Euphoria. Find out more.

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Now showing

Colors of Tobi

The raw and compassionate journey of queer self-discovery for Tobi and their mother in Colors Of Tobi is now showing each night at 7pm. Book your tickets today!

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The Official Rebel Dykes Page

The Rebel Dykes have arrived…

Get to know the Rebel Dykes even more and enjoy ass-kicking content where you can meet the likes of Karen Fisch, Debbie Smith, Siobhan Fahey and so much more.

Discover new talents and renowned LGBTQ artists with the Rebel Dykes: Art & Archive Performance Show and find your new favourite artist in hand-selected Rebel Dykes Spotify list, all of which you can relish in for free.

Find out more here.

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Question Time!

Want to ask Gina Belafonte & Akua Gyamfi questions?

Just watched the incredible The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts The Tonight Show? Or maybe you didn’t but are curious… You can ask questions in the comments below and they’ll be answered by Gina and Akua. Please put who your question is for.

Tickets are available to watch The Sit-In today.

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  1. MC OD

    Hi! My question is for Gina. Was there ever a time you couldn’t understand something your father would do/say when you were younger but now do, given hindsight and maturity? – Miriam

     2 months ago  
    1. Lois

      Thanks Miriam, Gina has responded, please see below!

      “Hey Miriam! Not that I can recall. Other than being away a lot and not understanding why.”

       2 months ago  

Coming To Euphoria

Harry Belafonte’s The Sit In exclusive Q&A!

The Sit-In: Harry Belafonte Hosts The Tonight Show premieres Thursday 14th October at 7pm BST with screening and Q&A with Harry Belafonte’s daughter, actress and producer Gina Belafonte including special guest host Akua Gyamfi founder of The British Blacklist, as we celebrate Black history, art and culture this #BlackHistoryMonth!
Book your tickets today.

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Question Time!

Want to ask questions to the filmmakers/cast of Second Spring?

To celebrate the premiere of Second Spring on Bohemia Euphoria, you can ask the filmmakers and cast question via our Channel. All you have to do is leave your questions in the comments below!

You can watch Second Spring every night at 7pm now. Find out more here.

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