We have now launched!

Bohemia Euphoria is a one stop destination for under-represented people, integrating the streaming of films and livestream premieres including a social community. We celebrate incredible filmmaking and performance about and by women, LGBTQ+ people, diverse communities of colour and culture, disabled people and countercultural voices.

Every film you will find on Euphoria has been lovingly curated and those that premiere on a live stream on Thursday evenings will always be followed by an exclusive interview and Q&A with the film’s director. Because we are big on expression and community, all audience members will be able to contribute to the discussion via a chat box, whether comments about the film during the livestream or questions to ask the director during the Q&A afterwards. Throughout the week (when you’re not asking renowned directors questions that lead them to reflect deeply on their work), you will have access to Euphoria’s social community. Moderated to ensure that our values of respect and inclusivity are being upheld, users will have the freedom to create comment threads, personalised pages (which collate a user’s films), personal stories and reviews – all of which can be commented on by the community.

There’s something for everyone on Bohemia Euphoria, from Virtual Cinema screenings with cinema partners to filmed live events from Bohemia Club at The Apple Tree (“An inside for outsiders.” Don Letts) and The Bohemia Movie bundle (one of a kind monthly curation by a Bohemia influencer). And because we don’t want price to be a barrier to people watching films, each month, we will set aside a number of free voucher tickets for anyone who is having financial hardship and would like to watch our films.

“Bohemia Euphoria has some incredible titles – the films focus on people’s diverse lives. They give an incredible glimpse into their stories and their worlds so often overlooked by mainstream filmmaking. Our world is not only becoming polarised by social media but it’s also becoming polarised with our vod streaming choices as the giant streaming platforms serve up films to audiences curated by the algorithms. The knock on effect of this is the polarisation of diversity. Now more than ever the world needs a diversity focused distributor and a vod streaming platform to not only tell these important and urgent stories but also to get them seen.” – Miranda Fleming, Platform Director.

If there’s anything you should take away, it’s that our goal is to make people feel engaged and supported by a community of folk both like and unlike them but with the shared experience of being “different”. And that one new film title will be added to Bohemia Euphoria each week, with special weekly virtual premieres featuring special guests playing on Euphoria every Thursday.

We live for film lovers, people on the constant hunt for new film discoveries and any champion of diversity. If this sounds like you, join the club. Stream, comment and immerse yourself into the world of Bohemia Euphoria today.