Phil Hunt

The Clash was Year Zero for Phil and then came along Big Audio Dynamite. In part it was meeting Don Letts in the early 80’s that encouraged Phil to continue shooting film and everything else in his life came from that, including this film.

An Innovator, Founder and cultural agitator: film, tv, video games, real estate, countercultural diversity LGBTQ+ brand Bohemia Club, with venue, events, charity and management arms.

Phil’s main business interest in film is Head Gear a film, TV and video games investment company; Bohemia Media, film distribution of under represented voices; Bankside Films, an international film sales and production company; as well as a number of other corporate investments in the sector.

Prior to the film business, in a pre digital universe a very long time ago….he was an advertising and music photographer worked with such bands as Big Audio Dynamite. He sporadically dusts off his Hasselblad.