Chuck SJ

CHUCK SJ is a multidisciplinary artist, often exploring trans and autistic matters through various forms including music, performance art and zines/DIY publishing. As a solo artist and with their band Byenary (two-piece queercore punk band bringing trans experiences to the forefront of their agenda) Chuck has completed 5 European tours, 12 U.K tours, 15 albums and 2.EPs. Chuck has performed at Brighton Pride, L-Fest, 2000 Trees, Anarcho Folk Festival Amsterdam, Trans Pride, LadyFest Maastricht and numerous off grid locations; including ‘trailer parks’ in Germany, Switzerland and Amsterdam, woodlands scattered throughout Europe, a metal kathedral in Utrecht, a warehouse in St-Niklaas and an abandoned house home to a 10 ft dragon in Vienna.¬†Chuck is well known for their gripping stage performance, unique guitar skills and brutal honesty in approaching equity, sexism, capitalism, the family unit and transphobia. Their live shows speak to the needs of queerness; to have space, togetherness and for self-determined individuality. Chuck is currently self producing their next album ‘Resist, Recharge, Revolt’, due for release autumn 2021. You can listen to the single ‘Cabin Fever’ from all streaming platforms.