Accessibility on Bohemia Euphoria
At Bohemia Euphoria, we want to ensure an unforgettable experience when watching films whoever and wherever you are and that’s why accessibility is important to us. There are various options throughout our platform that make it easier for people with hearing, sight or physical mobility requirements to watch great films. If you feel that we could improve them, then email us on hello@bohemiaeuphoria.com as we continue to make our platform is as accessible as possible to everyone.

Brightness controls
Increase or decrease brightness of your browser when watching a film which can be located in your Brightness setting on both your browser and mobile device.

Zoom Controls
If you are struggling to see any text then we recommend using zoom features within your browser which usually can be located via “View” on your browser.

You are able to play or pause, as well as change the screen size to fit your entire screen through options on the bottom right of the video player.

Subtitles & closed captions
We are working with our film partners to make sure each film has subtitles. You will find that on Bohemia Euphoria, most films will have the subtitle option via the bottom left corner of the video player. This can be switched on or off. The subtitles will show you text which is visible on the bottom of the video player.

For our live premieres, we use closed captions and there may be other accessibility aids such as sign language interpreters, and other third party subtitle options. If you have any questions regarding subtitles or closed captions then please do let us know via hello@bohemiaeuphoria.com.

At Bohemia Euphoria, everyone is welcome. If the cost of a ticket would prevent you from accessing certain events or watching certain films then please email hello@bohemiaeuphoria.com and we will provide you with a free access code. There are a limited number of free tickets per event and film and they work on a first come first-served basis. Once the allocation is used then the tickets are no longer available and the code will not work. We appreciate everyone who purchases Bohemia Euphoria tickets in order for us to make this option available for people who may not be able to watch otherwise. This is a way for us to make stories, characters and awe-inspiring film accessible and inclusive so that everyone can enjoy.